1982 is a gripping story about a father’s struggle to protect his daughter from the reality of her mother’s drug addiction in Tommy Oliver’s powerful, semi-autobiographical debut.
I went to the screening of this movie and was blown away by how true to the era the story was. Growing up in Philadelphia the 80’s crack epidemic was real and broke down the family structure as we knew it. I watched my friends house holds fall apart once mothers become addicted. Hill Harper’s performance was so honest and heart breaking that I felt I was transported back to 1982 as a nine year old watching my neighborhood implode with this new epidemic that many could not get their hands around fast enough. His struggle to keep his family together and balance the new role of being a mommy and daddy to his daughter Maya absolutely portrayed what many families where dealing with at time. Little “Maya” played by Troi Zee reminded me of my friends who were innocently caught in the struggle.

Flash forward thirty-eight years later and all though crack is still a problem in the inner city heroin is now causing this same epidemic every where. Instead of people hiding it and hanging their head in shame because the addiction has taken over their household, they may want to begin that difficult conversation and this movie, “1982” may just be the catalyst needed to start it.
1982 boast an incredible cast. Aside from Hill Harper and Sharon Neal there was also the late legendary actress Ruby Dee and Wayne Brady among others. Below is some behind the scenes footage where the actors talk about “1982”.  The movie is now available on Bluray and DVD click to purchase on AMAZON.com.