Yesterday American Girl Doll announced that it will release the Melody doll as part of its BeForever collection  in celebration of the company’s 30th anniversary. They even put together an advisory board that included Civil Rights leader Julian Bond.
Melody is American Girl’s third black doll. We get to see life from her perspective as she lives out the tumultuous 60’s as a 9 year old child in Detroit’s Motown era which happened to be dead smack in the middle of the civil rights era as stated on the companies website.

Because February is Black History Month, your daughter may be learning about Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Civil Rights movement in school. But even in our own changing times, civil rights issues and the social climate of the 1960s may be difficult for her to fully understand. That is why we are so proud to introduce our compelling new BeForever™ character, Melody, whose story reflects the changing face and history of the nation during that important era.

Nine-year-old Melody is growing up in Detroit in the mid-1960s, a time of great energy, optimism, and change for the African American community. She is a singer and loves to perform in church, with her family, and in her community. Her stories are set against the backdrop of the civil rights movement, which was gathering momentum, and the music scene, including the success and popularity of Motown Records and its artists.

As Melody gains more awareness of racial inequality and her sense of community grows from her extended family to include her neighborhood and, ultimately, all African Americans, she is inspired by Dr. King to have a dream of her own: to lift her voice for fairness and equality.

Because many girls are interested in music and performing, as well as starting to find their own “voice” and express their opinions, they’ll find Melody’s stories engaging and entertaining. You’ll love that they’re educational, too, helping your girl connect with the past on a more personal level. Come meet Melody Ellison and introduce her to your girl today!
In the video above author Denise Lewis Patrick shares her experience about writing the Melody stories. The book can be purchased by clicking this link
Kudos to American Girl Doll for being bold and taking the necessary steps to personalize a doll like Melody to have such a significant story. I’m sure Momi’s all over approve of this doll like we do!