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Hi everyone! Today I am talking about the app Masquerade (MSQRD). It’s a really fun app. It’s fun because  you can get different faces and facial expressions like crying, monkey, poop emoji, big eyeballs, iron man, zombies and a lot of others goofy faces to take selfies with. You can also make videos or take selfies with the app. While you make the video you can scroll through other options and change the face while you make it.  You can also post the video you make if you like to your social media pages like instagram, twitter, Facebook , musically and more. I  think you should get the msqrd app. I think children my age and people of all ages can have lots of fun with the app. It lets our imagination run wild and be creative plus it’s safe for kids who’s parents don’t want them on other apps. The MSQRD App is available on Iphone and android phones.
Below is a photo gallery of my funny selfies made using the MSQRD app. Let me know if you like it and tag us on Instagram or Facebook to show us your funny faces using #HeyMomi.
Hope you like this post! I’ll be back soon with something that I love.

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Yesterday American Girl Doll announced that it will release the Melody doll as part of its BeForever collection  in celebration of the company’s 30th anniversary. They even put together an advisory board that included Civil Rights leader Julian Bond.
Melody is American Girl’s third black doll. We get to see life from her perspective as she lives out the tumultuous 60’s as a 9 year old child in Detroit’s Motown era which happened to be dead smack in the middle of the civil rights era as stated on the companies website.

Because February is Black History Month, your daughter may be learning about Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Civil Rights movement in school. But even in our own changing times, civil rights issues and the social climate of the 1960s may be difficult for her to fully understand. That is why we are so proud to introduce our compelling new BeForever™ character, Melody, whose story reflects the changing face and history of the nation during that important era.

Nine-year-old Melody is growing up in Detroit in the mid-1960s, a time of great energy, optimism, and change for the African American community. She is a singer and loves to perform in church, with her family, and in her community. Her stories are set against the backdrop of the civil rights movement, which was gathering momentum, and the music scene, including the success and popularity of Motown Records and its artists.

As Melody gains more awareness of racial inequality and her sense of community grows from her extended family to include her neighborhood and, ultimately, all African Americans, she is inspired by Dr. King to have a dream of her own: to lift her voice for fairness and equality.

Because many girls are interested in music and performing, as well as starting to find their own “voice” and express their opinions, they’ll find Melody’s stories engaging and entertaining. You’ll love that they’re educational, too, helping your girl connect with the past on a more personal level. Come meet Melody Ellison and introduce her to your girl today!

In the video above author Denise Lewis Patrick shares her experience about writing the Melody stories. The book can be purchased by clicking this link http://www.americangirl.com/shop/no-ordinary-sound-melody-classic-1-dlf58.
Kudos to American Girl Doll for being bold and taking the necessary steps to personalize a doll like Melody to have such a significant story. I’m sure Momi’s all over approve of this doll like we do!
February 17, 2016

The Many Shades Of Humanity

Regardless of what drapes our different shaded limbs we are still the same. Remember the love, compassion, peace, and gratitude you create at home will flow out into the rest of the world. You are your children’s first example of how we can treat others with love, dignity and respect. Don’t just talk to them about it…show them.

Michelle Martin~ ♥

This is Gianna again. Today I want to tell you all about Musical.ly. It is a mobile app that I really love. I like it so much because you can act out different movie scenes, dance or lip sync to your favorite music.
How it works.  You can pick out any music or comedy skits that are right in the app or you you can add your own music or make your own musical.ly skit. You can invite your friends to do a duet or stars like Jason Durelo will invite to do a duet with them. I think that it makes you more creative because you have to do things to make your videos stand out like use hand motions and different facial expressions. You can pause the video to change clothes or locations. You can also make the video go fast, normal or slow motion.  All these things will help you make cool videos.
The other good thing is that you can’t send people messages like on Vine and that makes it safer for kids like me to use it. You could also keep your page private and people have to request to see your videos. You can also comment and like other people’s videos.
I have told you all about the app. Below are some of my favorite videos that my sister and I did. I think you should get your parents permission and download the app. It is so much fun. You can find and follow me on Mucical.ly @ggmartin.
Comment below and let me know what you think of my musical.ly’s. See you next week with more things that I love.
Gianna 🙂



How refreshing to see that Mattel understands that Barbie’s appeal to every child so there for each child should have the opportunity to have a barbie that actually looks like them. I am not just talking about hair, eye and skin color. We are talking body types here. With girls as young as 10 being body conscious because of everything they are bombarded with in mainstream media we are happy that Barbie has taken this new approach at making girls feel secure in who they are.  We love the fact that girls no longer have to look at the Barbie they are playing with and think that they will never look like her. 
Kuddos to Barbie for being bold and creating Barbies that not only represent our skin color but our body types as well. With 3 new body types, 7 new skin tones, 22 new eye colors and 24 new hair styles we think that Mattel has found a way to make every new MOMI happy when shopping for a new Barbie.
Barbie has taken their new motto #Youcanbeanything to a whole new level and I’m sure that I’m not the only momi clapping!
The dolls hit stores in the Spring but can be preordered right now exclusively at the MATTEL SHOP.

Hi everyone! 
My name is Gianna and this is my first blog post. As you can see by our website I really love to sew. I am actually just learning but I have always loved clothes and fashion. My mom started the Hey Momi sewing classes for me because I kept bugging her about learning to sew. She did the class and my friends and I really like them as you can see in the photo below where I am sewing my first pair of pajama pants.
TvxRKJRKzJm5Lk5ncLyGwj23HnEdM4qZV0JZgDtXCms,xnRJR2AJ2LX9e6tZlcAEkGcMO9UYeTvcuz7YbgRhqbUOne of my Favorite shows that I love is Liv and Maddie on Disney.  The star of the show, Dove Cameron, also really loves to sew. She makes her own clothes and sometimes wears them on show. This is what makes her so cool to me.  She is also a great actress and I love her characters on the show. I really like her because she loves singing, acting and sewing like I do plus I love her style. 
Dove Cameron plays both Liv and Maddie on the show. I think that the way they do that is really cool. Liv’s character loves to sing and dance and she is super girly. Maddie’s character is totally different. She loves to play basketball and other sports. She is very competitive and not very girly but she is becoming a little more stylish. Her style is starting to change, I think she is realizing that she can dress stylish and still play the sports that she loves.
You can see Dove Cameron in the Disney video above talking about how much she loves to sew.
 I hope you like my first blog post I will be back next week with something else I really love so please come back and visit. To find out about other things I like visit our TEAM PAGE. Don’t forget to tell me about the things you really love in the comments below.  🙂



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