The memory is still fresh in my mind of how I first came across the Periscope app. Giselle, who you all know as the baby boss was home sick from school. She was napping so I decided to go through my phone and see what new apps or games where available to kill some time. If you know me you know that I have an app addiction but I will save that for another post.
I came across Periscope the first day it was available for android. The app stated that it was like time travel, that you could be transported to someone else’s life in real-time. That certainly peaked my geeky interest and it was free so it was a win. I quickly downloaded the app and was instantly hooked as I watched people all over globe show me their lives in real-time. I took tours of Paris with @EuroMaestro and watched for hours as “Charlie” a hummingbird, fly to drink out of a soda bottle cap on @revbeej hand. I watched in awe when @Justicebowen1 shared the miracle of life as he allowed us to share in the birth of his new baby which was actually the very first Hey Momi blog post . We also watched in sadness as the bombing attacks in France took place and as other scopers took us behind the scenes of the Syrian refugee crisis. Watched in amazement as @DrWaltersims built the First Church Of Periscope. I can not forget playing ” Pass The Cast” on periscope and getting to learn more about this global community. When you play pass the cast you get 3 minutes to talk about who you are and what you scope about. It was a way to quickly gain followers so you know there where hundreds of people watching and following. Fun times!
Now that I look back I have built an entire global family along with a new community of like-minded individuals around the world and learned about many cultures. I have shared personal family moments, my girls have done their own shows, I have cooked and given advice on business, love, relationships and family. My daughters have been exposed to so many educational enrichment opportunities that they would have never gotten the chance to see such as @GEDrone drone scopes or a close up real-time view of animals undisturbed in their natural habitat through #Kenyalive scopes.
My Periscope memories in photos 🙂

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I remember being so stoked about the app that I could not wait to tell everyone and show them what an awesome free tool that was available to grow their brand/business. I started a Facebook group called Branding Globally Through Periscope which I have recently changed the name to Branding Globally Through Live Stream. Did an interview with Dr. Boyce Watkins about the app to help spread the word this new technology… the video is below. Many people from around the world who watched that interview have reached out to me and expressed their gratitude for learning about the app and becoming early adopters of the technology. Many groups and ideas were spawned from that interview and groups like #Blackbizscope were born which makes me happy that I did it.
Last but not least I must mention my partner in crime @bobbysnarks we were the first to put on the first real Persicope show “The Bobby and Michelle Show’ which gives a hilarious insight into politics, tech and trending topics and celebrities.
I’m sure there are many moments that I am forgetting but with that said I want to say happy birthday to the app that sent my life rocketing through the globe right from my phone!
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Happy 1st Birthday Periscope!