Hi everyone! Today I am talking about the app Masquerade (MSQRD). It’s a really fun app. It’s fun because  you can get different faces and facial expressions like crying, monkey, poop emoji, big eyeballs, iron man, zombies and a lot of others goofy faces to take selfies with. You can also make videos or take selfies with the app. While you make the video you can scroll through other options and change the face while you make it.  You can also post the video you make if you like to your social media pages like instagram, twitter, Facebook , musically and more. I  think you should get the msqrd app. I think children my age and people of all ages can have lots of fun with the app. It lets our imagination run wild and be creative plus it’s safe for kids who’s parents don’t want them on other apps. The MSQRD App is available on Iphone and android phones.
Below is a photo gallery of my funny selfies made using the MSQRD app. Let me know if you like it and tag us on Instagram or Facebook to show us your funny faces using #HeyMomi.
Hope you like this post! I’ll be back soon with something that I love.

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