I must say that when I ran across this video and article for my research for my FB group Branding Globally Through Periscope I got a fit of the giggles. Buzzfeed of course known for their hilarious videos took a shot at Periscope and how the community reacts to how the two genders are treated and nailed it. For the most part women do have a slight advantage mainly because of those who troll the app looking for women or what we scopers now refer to as “SexBots”.

Gentlemen fear not as there is still much love for you on the app. With that said view the Hilarious Buzzfeed video below along with the article Bustle wrote. 🙂

Video Via Buzzfeed

Article below Via Bustle

Ever wonder how your experience on the Internet would change if you were the opposite gender? In a new video, BuzzFeed attempts to answer this query by having a man and woman live stream the same moments at the same time, using Twitter’s Periscope app. The results highlight how differently men and women are treated by the online community. And if you are guessing that someone received the comment “Show me your boobs,” well, you guessed right.

Through Periscope, Twitter users can shoot live feed with their iPhones or iPads, and broadcast it to the Twitter community. As the viewers join and watch a feed, they can send a “heart” to indicate that they like the broadcast, or type out a message to the host that can be seen by fellow audience members. This allows the host to respond to the comments in real time — live feed meets chatroom. The videos are available for 24 hours after the original broadcast, lending it a Snapchat quality as well.

The app was originally created with the idea of “discovering the world through someone else’s eyes” as they say on the website. The voyeuristic pleasure of Periscope is evident in one of the most watched (and loved) Periscopers, Amanda Oleander. Nominated for “Periscoper of the Year” Shorty Award, the attractive and quirky 25-year-old artist living in LA uses the app to record her everyday life. Most recently broadcasting herself making a Valentine’s Day brunch in her “messy” kitchen. She has a faithful band of followers, hundreds or thousands logging on frequently to watch and interact with her.

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