How refreshing to see that Mattel understands that Barbie’s appeal to every child so there for each child should have the opportunity to have a barbie that actually looks like them. I am not just talking about hair, eye and skin color. We are talking body types here. With girls as young as 10 being body conscious because of everything they are bombarded with in mainstream media we are happy that Barbie has taken this new approach at making girls feel secure in who they are.  We love the fact that girls no longer have to look at the Barbie they are playing with and think that they will never look like her. 
Kuddos to Barbie for being bold and creating Barbies that not only represent our skin color but our body types as well. With 3 new body types, 7 new skin tones, 22 new eye colors and 24 new hair styles we think that Mattel has found a way to make every new MOMI happy when shopping for a new Barbie.
Barbie has taken their new motto #Youcanbeanything to a whole new level and I’m sure that I’m not the only momi clapping!
The dolls hit stores in the Spring but can be preordered right now exclusively at the MATTEL SHOP.