Rainy season can be a downer. It rains a good part of the month every June. Clothes that are usually hung to dry in Japan will end up smelling like wet dog if you don’t figure something out.  It’s my fourth time this year and since I know when it’s coming, it seems to be more of a pain. I have developed some activities to keep me busy if I can’t get out. Now that I have three children it can be more challenging to keep them all occupied. Luckily for me, while school is in session there is more time to develop activities that I know they will love once they come home.


  1. Purge. Excellent time to clean out those closets of clothes you don’t wear or can’t wear. Excellent time to throw away garbage that has been sitting in storage or the garage. Excellent time to go through the house and sift out the broken stuff that needs to be thrown out or fixed.
4.Shop. I know this is somewhat contradictory, but let me explain. Often we end up looking for items in the stores as we need them,  as opposed to when they are available. During rainy season and early summer you can find a good assortment of rain gear and summer fun items that you may want to use in the winter months. Pool noodles are a great example. Some people use them as props or preschool items. Just check pinterest and you will be amazed at what you can do with that pool noodle. But you probably should stock up now while they are in the stores.
3.Study. Read, Read, Read. This is a great time to set up the living room like a camp site on the weekends and the whole family just lump around reading, talking, eating snacks and drinking tea. The floor is still the focal point in many Japanese homes and with two little boys looking to fly from the tops of anything that is fine by me.
2.Sleep. Make this a staycation month. Usually there is pressure to do this or that, attend this or that. Take this month to recharge. It is….after all, the half-year mark and rather than bog yourself down with obligations, stay home and sleep. No classes, no parties, no volunteering. Just do you! Rest and recharge, meditate, listen to some good soulful music that will recharge you and get you ready for the countdown to the holidays which seems to start earlier and earlier every year.
And my #1………..
1.Create! This is an awesome time to do your crafting or to start a new hobby that would be perfect indoors. I am going to resolve to crochet up the rest of my yarn this year and not repurchase until it is all gone. This is also where the kids come in big time. When they come home all we do is make stuff. That is their favorite thing to do. Thanks to Pinterest and a strong interest in cooking, we are never at a loss for activities. Last year we made paper pinwheels and banana nut bread. This year we made little books to draw in, origmi and the boys helped to make their own dinner. The youngest is one, and she was content with her toys for the most part.
And when all else fails, just let them play in the mud.Haha!
Looking forward to July, just a few more days and we made it through once again.
Be Well,
Tara Kamiya