This is Gianna again. Today I want to tell you all about Musical.ly. It is a mobile app that I really love. I like it so much because you can act out different movie scenes, dance or lip sync to your favorite music.
How it works.  You can pick out any music or comedy skits that are right in the app or you you can add your own music or make your own musical.ly skit. You can invite your friends to do a duet or stars like Jason Durelo will invite to do a duet with them. I think that it makes you more creative because you have to do things to make your videos stand out like use hand motions and different facial expressions. You can pause the video to change clothes or locations. You can also make the video go fast, normal or slow motion.  All these things will help you make cool videos.
The other good thing is that you can’t send people messages like on Vine and that makes it safer for kids like me to use it. You could also keep your page private and people have to request to see your videos. You can also comment and like other people’s videos.
I have told you all about the app. Below are some of my favorite videos that my sister and I did. I think you should get your parents permission and download the app. It is so much fun. You can find and follow me on Mucical.ly @ggmartin.
Comment below and let me know what you think of my musical.ly’s. See you next week with more things that I love.
Gianna 🙂