Hi everyone! 
My name is Gianna and this is my first blog post. As you can see by our website I really love to sew. I am actually just learning but I have always loved clothes and fashion. My mom started the Hey Momi sewing classes for me because I kept bugging her about learning to sew. She did the class and my friends and I really like them as you can see in the photo below where I am sewing my first pair of pajama pants.
TvxRKJRKzJm5Lk5ncLyGwj23HnEdM4qZV0JZgDtXCms,xnRJR2AJ2LX9e6tZlcAEkGcMO9UYeTvcuz7YbgRhqbUOne of my Favorite shows that I love is Liv and Maddie on Disney.  The star of the show, Dove Cameron, also really loves to sew. She makes her own clothes and sometimes wears them on show. This is what makes her so cool to me.  She is also a great actress and I love her characters on the show. I really like her because she loves singing, acting and sewing like I do plus I love her style. 
Dove Cameron plays both Liv and Maddie on the show. I think that the way they do that is really cool. Liv’s character loves to sing and dance and she is super girly. Maddie’s character is totally different. She loves to play basketball and other sports. She is very competitive and not very girly but she is becoming a little more stylish. Her style is starting to change, I think she is realizing that she can dress stylish and still play the sports that she loves.
You can see Dove Cameron in the Disney video above talking about how much she loves to sew.
 I hope you like my first blog post I will be back next week with something else I really love so please come back and visit. To find out about other things I like visit our TEAM PAGE. Don’t forget to tell me about the things you really love in the comments below.  🙂